10 Day Closing

Home Mortgage

Need to close right away? Your past lender broke some promises, something come up that got in the way, pre-approval turned out to be prelude to problems? We know the feeling and we have dealt with it before. Good news is we are here to help.

We can close you in 10 business days. To make that happen here’s what we will need.

Preliminary documentation

  • Last month’s paystub (oldest paystub cannot be older than 30 days)

  • Last two year’s tax Returns (provide signed copies)

  • Last 2 year’s W2s

  • Last 2 month's bank statements (include all pages, even if blank. Large deposits must be documented)

  • Signed Borrower’s Authorization (see attached)

  • Credit Report Fee – Click here to pay Pay Online.

  • Executed Sales contract (must be fully executed)


With this information we will put together a loan application and required disclosures that need to be executed and get going right away.

  • Upon executing your loan application

  • You will be redisclosed by our underwriter and at that point you will pay for your appraisal

This program is meant for a 25% down payment purchase loan, primary single-family residence, non-condo, a borrower(s) who is a W2 employee (not deemed to be self-employed) and has been at their current employer for at least one month. The 10 business day starts once all preliminary documentation have been received, loan application and required disclosures signed and returned and appraisal paid. Holidays and weekends do not count as a business day.     

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