Purchase a Vacation Home or a Second Home

Vacation / Second Home (n.): is a home that is typically a minimum of 50 miles from your primary residence and/or is located in a different geographical area that would lend the home a different use or provide a purpose not fulfilled by the primary residence. The home must be suitable for year round residence and occupied by the borrower for some portion of the year.

C2ndHomehoose HomeStart for your vacation or second home lending needs and get up to 95% lending, avoiding a large down-payment and instead use the savings to furnish the home! Although Vacation and second home underwriting guidelines are stricter than primary homes HomeStart has your solution and will ensure you the highest loan-to-value at the best possible rate and terms in the market. We have teamed up with industry leaders to ensure conforming and non-conforming lending solutions for unique purchases such as vacation homes.

Call today and buy that vacation home you have always wanted! If you have more questions on what qualifies as a Second / Vacation home, please feel free to contact us via email, call us at 713-275-2785, or apply online now.


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