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If you are applying for a Home construction or Reverse mortgage please call 713.275.2785 or Email us.

Pre approval CTA 01Pre-Approval Application

Whether you have just a few minutes or are ready to provide all of your details, use our pre-approval application and get greater assurances of closing on time with less guess work. This option provides us all of the information necessary to provide you with a Pre-approval letter. In addition, here you can register your HomeStart Loan Center account. The Loan center account allows you to transmit sensitive information securely, receive loan updates and view the status of your loan 24hrs, 7days a week.  


HomeStart promotes Pre-approvals vs our competition which typically promotes Pre-qualifications. Not sure which option is best for you? Read our FAQ on the difference between Pre-qualification vs Pre-approval or Contact one of our loan officers if you have any questions about the process.