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How I Made it in the Mortgage Business And You Can Make it in Yours.

Posted by Eduardo Adame on Tue, Mar, 06, 2012 @ 10:03 AM

As a Mortgage Consultant in Houston who has endured countless challenges that our industrydescribe the image has been put through, I would like to share some tools that I have personally used to succeed when many have failed or given up. 

Instead of following the crowd and changing jobs or joining forces with a larger lender and giving up my dream of building the most respected Mortgage Company in America, I decided that I would do whatever it takes to outlast my competitors.  I decided to become the best in the business and I am still working on it every single day.  Here is how I did it and continue the challenge; I hope that you find some inspiration in this message.

If we continuously read books based on our career fields and use reading as a tool to exercise our minds, it is only a matter of time before we will become much better than our competition.  If we read only an hour a day, this works out to be about one book per week, 50 books per year.  This should guarantee our success!

Sometimes we tend to put certain things on a higher shelf; things we think are unreachable.  We should never give up.  Nothing is unreachable; we can get to those things by standing on the books we read, especially self improvement books.

I truly believe that self improvement should be taught in our schools.  We should have classes on how to become better listeners, better friends, better spouses, or better employees. We could study hard enough to become a brilliant scientist and yet have no social nor parenting skills. We should have classes on how to become a good father or mother and how to raise a child. Even if we don’t have children, we should know these things to improve our society as a whole.  I recommend reading every possible self improvement book that you can get your hands on.  By improving your personal life, you will also improve your business life.

I can promise you that if you take the time to improve your life and learn from the people around you who are already living a good life, you will be amazed what happens.  You do not get what you put in, you get MANY times what you put in. 

By improving one aspect of your life, another one follows very closely.  If you improve your marriage, you will start becoming a better father.  By becoming a better father, you will become a better friend.  And as you become a better person, better people are attracted to you.   Before you know it, your life starts taking the shape that you always wanted but never knew you could have.

I hope that this message gets to you and if you have read this far, I am sure that you are interested in becoming a better you.  I thank you for reading my messages. I really do write them with my best intentions and I like to share these words.  I like to see people around me improve their lives just like I try every day to improve mine.

QUESTION: How can you get more water in a glass that is already full? 

ANSWER: You take some out.  By sharing that “water”, you can put some more in.   That is what I am trying to do with these messages.

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