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Many popular Mortgage Lenders process your loans in India, the Philippines and other countries?

Posted by Eduardo Adame on Tue, Feb, 28, 2012 @ 07:02 AM

As a Professional Mortgage Consultant for one of the best Mortgage Companies Houston has to offer, these are my two biggest concerns with this picture:describe the image1. We are in an economic crisis with a high unemployment level; the last thing we need to do is outsource more jobs to other countries.  We need to create more American jobs and these companies have no shame in creating jobs elsewhere just to save a couple of dollars.

2. I am not sure how these companies process their entire loans in other countries, but I do know for a fact that good mortgage processors need to have access to most or all private information from the borrower.   Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America and soon in the world. I personally would not like my social security number, full tax returns, full bank statements with addresses and account numbers, paystubs, driver license numbers, amongst much other sensitive information handled and passed around by people I do not know in other countries.  I could not sleep if I was doing this to my clients.   It is easy enough to buy this information on the “black market” inside the United States; I don’t even want to imagine what could happen in India, the Philippines, and other distant countries with all of this sensitive information.

Next time you apply for any type of mortgage loan with a large company over the phone to save time and/or because their commercials may sound like a reputable company, I suggest to ask the Loan Officers who processes their loan applications and where they are processed.  I would recommend taking the time to meet, in person, the people who will be handing your most private information. 

At HomeStart Capital we meet 100% of our clients face to face, at our office, where our clients can meet their personal Loan Officers and Processors, as well as our very qualified team of professionals working right here in the United States. That’s a good thing for our clients and for our economy.

We are proud to take care of our entire client’s private and sensitive information.  Each one of our offices is locked every night, not even the cleaning staff of our office buildings have copies of our private keys. 

In addition we have better rates; we are cheaper and offer better customer service, so put us to the test!

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